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Commager on Tocqueville

by Henry Steele Commager - 1993

From the Library Journal: He expertly notes Tocqueville's successes and failures as a prognosticator of later developments. Commager sometimes lashes out at a few of his betes noires, but in general he offers both lay readers and specialists an invigorating and balanced overview of American society and government over the past century.
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Was America A Mistake?: an eighteenth-century controversy

by Henry Steele Commager & Elmo Giordanetti - 1967

From the Back Cover: "One of the great, but forgotten controversies of the Eighteenth Century had to do with the meaning of America. Was the Discovery of America a Mistake? Would Mankind have been better and happier had the New World never been discovered by the Old? Did America add anything to civilisation or to the happiness and well-being of man-kind?"
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Jefferson, Nationalism, and the Enlightenment

by Henry Steele Commager - 1975

Kirkus Book Review: "The Old World imagined the Enlightenment and The New World realized it." It was on native soil that philosophy -- a European product -- blended with conduct. Here there were jobs to do, unhindered by dated institutions: feudalism, monarchy, aristocracy, church, military.
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Britain Through American Eyes

by Henry Steele Commager - 1974

A.S. Eisenstat Review: A fitting offertory to our bicentennial decade. Covering a period of more than a century and a half, the book presents a rich selection of what American travelers have said about British life and values.
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